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Acadiana Home Design, Classic Yet Elegant Design

Home is a thing that currently seems obligatory to have in this century. Most people work hard to prepare funds to build a dream home. Not infrequently they also hire the services of architects who are very expensive to work on the design of the house as they want. The design of the house itself is a thing that must be considered when we will build a house, because the design is a blueprint of the concept of the house that we want to build. Manually created designs without the help of architects usually do not contain detailed data, only a general description of the division of the area within the house. While the design is made by architects usually in the form of detailed images along with the overall size of the building and the size of each area in the house.

The design itself has no limits, because the design of the house is also a form of cognitive creativity owned by humans. But lately, most people are fixated on a certain design that is becoming a trend, that is minimalist home design.Houses built with a minimalist design does seem very simple but still has the uniqueness and can be added a luxurious impression of the interior design used. Most people choose this design because of the small land area and its popularity in Asia.
But without us knowing it, there is one design house that is very simple but quite classic and elegant. The design is a beautiful Acadiana Home Design but still simple. So here’s more about the Acadiana home design.

The Origin of Acadiana Home Design

Feel strange with the word Acadiana? It is a natural thing. Because the word Acadiana itself comes from a French country that refers to a region in the country of France. Therefore, the design of the house with the style of Acadiana has a special characteristic that is very classical in accordance with Country French type architecture which is characteristic of the French country, precisely in the area of South Louisiana. Houses with this design are more widely used in European and American countries, because the house with this design mostly has a fireplace, the existence of a fireplace will add a classic impression on a house. While in the Asian region, most use simple home design in accordance with their respective cultures, while for modern society in general use a minimalist design or a style of luxury a la European style with gold color dominance in various areas inside the house.

With the development of the times, Acadiana home design has developed more than 7500 designs while maintaining the principle of a blend of homes with old designs with modern styles for everyday life. In this article will be discussed some basic design of the house with reference to the design of the acadiana

Various Types of Designs on Acadiana-style

The division of sub-design of this type of house on the Acadiana design is divided into land or building area, giving the name of each sub-design is embraced in the French language.
1. Land area below 1800 Sq. Ft
>   Le Mans, is a design house that blends designs of acadiana, country house and minimalist                        home principles. In general, this design house has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but the house                        with this design rarely has a central room or a special room for family gathering.

  Chambord, is a home design that focuses on building homes with additional parks. Generally                    houses with this style, using a design with a brick that is not covered by a layer of cement that                       adds to the classic and old-fashioned impression of a house. In addition, homes with this design                  generally use a type of windows and doors that tend to be large with the arch at the top. This                       design house has 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and one of the rooms can be converted to              family room.

  1. Land area between 1800-2500 Sq. Ft

>   Bergerac, is a design house that has a distance between the floor with a high roof but only in                     some areas of the house. On the high roof there are additional small symmetrical windows with                      rectangular shapes. Also on the front of the house is usually given a candle lamp on both sides                     of the door. The use of doors in this type of house usually uses a large door type with two door                    sections. In addition, this type of house has a large garden both in the back, in front or around                    the home area. In general, houses with Bergerac type has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.

>   Lorraine, the type of house with this design almost same with the Bergerac type in the                               distances  between the floor and the roof is almost applied to all parts of the house. The house                   with this design has an additional room that is conceived as a garage that is half the size of the              whole house. In general, this design house has 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.

  1. Land between 2250-2500 Sq. Ft

>   Normandy, is a home design with additional shades of green in some areas of the house unlike                 in other designs with the dominance of shades of cream and warm chocolate. The addition of                 shades of green is usually located on the windows that are installed on all sides of the wall at                      home. Construction of the house with this design is usually flat without any additional distance                   between the floor and the roof so that the chimney from the fireplace is can be seen clearly at                       the back on one side of the house. This design house generally has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms                        and a living room.

From the explanation of Acadiana Home Design that has been described above, it can be concluded that the house built with the type of design in general has a fireplace, rarely have room for family gathering and always have a garden in every building. Hopefully the above article can provide a new inspiration for you in choosing the ideal home design.


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